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The below papers herein, unless otherwise listed are the work or editorial work of the Editor of the website and are subject to updates as events foretold come to pass.

While many people believe there is safety in just believing the Bible and nothing else, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Bible is simply a snap shot of the word of the Lord over a time period of ~1500 years. However, we know that God spoke to Adam, Enoch and others both before the flood and through the time of the Exodus. Should it surprise us that some of the writings/recordings of the word of the Lord as revealed to these are still around, their secrets revealed in the greatest treasure-trove of ancient manuscripts that have ever been found, the Dead Sea Scrolls? This editor has read two books of translations of these scrolls as well as more intact versions translated from the Geíez language from Ethiopia. What was written in the Dead Sea Scrolls were the primary books of antiquity as pertains to the inspired Word of God (sacred books) as existed in Jesusí time. When Jesus was walking on the road to Emmaus, he was also quoting from the Books of Enoch which talk extensively about the Son of Man.

There is SO much vitally important information that helps us understand the Bible and end-time events with much more clarity.

The editor has been a student of the word of the Lord through more recent messengers. One of these is Ellen G. White, an influential author and a founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist church who had many visions, both for her time and that of the end of time.

Many believe we are near that time, and if you look at the events in this world, and you study the Godís Calendar, the Jubilee Calendar, you will likely come to that same conclusion. Nearly all believers of the Bible know in their heart of hearts that God will send messengers before the great and terrible day of the Lord.

Since 2006, this Editor has had the humble privilege of helping spread the word of the Lord as given through the messages given by God in vivid, often repeated dreams to an Earnest Ray Knoll (a beam of sincere truth shining from a hill), chosen from before his birth to be Godís last day messenger to the same church as Ellen White. Calls to reaffirm what White wrote under inspiration, of repentance, to correct doctrine, to shun evil beliefs, to know the events of the end time so that believers will not be deceived, to understand salvation, repentance, restitution, these are all vitally important to the believer.

To reject the word of the Lord, when He has taken time to provide it to His people is a grave insult, in fact, according to White, there is NO greater insult. Yet, throughout history, people, especially church leadership has rejected the word of the Lord, preferring to continue on their own journeys.

But for those who will listen and heed what the Lord has shared, there is no greater blessing.

For those who have faith in the word of the Lord and Believe Before the Evidence Mounts and take steps to apply that belief will be greatly Blessed, i.e. they will be among the sealed, chosen as one of the 144,000. Therefore, believe the word of the Lord.