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We owe much gratitude to two remarkable men.  The first, the discoverer and archeologist whose faith and persistence paid off.  The second who just had to find out for himself if the finds were bogus or true.

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Ron Wyatt

     Ron Wyatt has astounded much of the archeological world by discovering many of the most significant archeological finds of the Bible.  A simple faith in the literal statements contain of God's word, and close communication with and an abiding faith in his heavenly Father gave him privileges that many others longed for.  Ron passed away early August 1999 after years of struggling with cancer.  His family who has participated extensively with him intends to continue his archeological efforts. 
     Jonathan Gray, noted explorer, archeologist and author, either had to prove Ron right or wrong.  He put his money to work to check out the facts.  What he found out was astounding!  The Surprising Discovery video series and the Ark of the Covenant (and other Discoveries) CD-ROM were created to enable you to travel with him on his verification expeditions.

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Jonathan Gray

Skeptical?  Put the FACTS solidly in your mind!  The following will strengthen you and your family's faith and belief in God, His precious word the Bible, and God's prophecies for the future. 

For lots more detailed info via online resources visit the following links:

bullet Article.  Deathbead reaffirmation of Ron Wyatt

The following products are not sold by BiblePlus, but may be ordered from the sources listed below:  Great tools for any individual, bible study group or church.

Videos (content may have changed when VHS were converted to DVDs.  Check website below for details).

Surprising Discoveries, Part I  - contains the segments:
     Has Noah's Ark Been Found? (lots of photographs and details)
     Intriguing Lost Secrets of the Ancients (Amazing facts and photographs of technology surrounding the highly civilized ancient world)
     Into the Forbidden Valley (Amazing finds near the Ark site including that of the Noah family tombstones, house and much more)

Surprising Discoveries, Part II - contains the segments:
     Lost Cities by the Dead Sea (Sodom & Gomorrah)
     Exciting Discoveries Beneath the Red Sea (the Red Sea crossing site)
     Smuggled Out of the Desert (rediscovery of the real Mt. Sinai)

Surprising Discoveries, Part III - contains one segment on
     The rediscovery of the Ark of the Covenant

CD-ROM (Windows & Mac compatible)
     Ark of the Covenant - The Legend They Have to Hide.   A marvelous interactive CD-ROM with lots of graphics and movie clips covering the rediscovery of the Ark of the Covenant and 5 other Major Discoveries.  Most of the photos on the following pages were adapted from movie clips on that CD-ROM.  Highly recommended!

     Ark of the Covenant - The Legend They Have to Hide.   An excellently written book by Jonathan Gray giving much more information than can be contained in the CD-ROM or videos.  Covers in detail the analysis of the blood samples taken from above the Ark of the Covenant, and the events surrounding the Ark discovery.  Gives some exciting scenarios of what could come to pass as a result of the discovery.  595 pages.

BiblePlus' Recommendation?   If funds are tight, order the three videos.  Easy to watch and highly informative for busy people.  Our kids loved them.  Otherwise, order all of the above.  Each is a little different and contains information not necessarily overlapping the others.  Given what most people spend on worldly entertainment, they are very inexpensive.  They also make an excellent addition to any church library.   They could then be made available to all the members.  Idea:  Order a set, and then donate them to your church as a tax deductible charitable contribution.

Prices may vary between suppliers and discounts may be offered on items ordered in sets.  Check online for new sources.  If you cannot find a U.S.-based source,
the Ark of the Covenant CD-ROM, videos (DVD) and books may be ordered directly and online from:

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